An invitation to the family!

Hi everyone! The new website is here and I hope to provide interesting content on a regular basis. By the very nature of these things, updates will slow down and trickle in only occasionally.  For now, a couple of opportunities and requests:

Would you like to receive email updates when I post new content? Click here to subscribe! All new posts will be delivered directly to your inbox. Occasionally — but not often — I will post to social media. You can find my accounts listed here if you’d like to connect. (If I don’t accept your request immediately on facebook, it’s probably because I don’t recognize the name… feel free to shoot me an email ahead of time.)

Do you have old documents (especially photos) that I could publish here?  Please let me know!  Everyone loves to see the old photos. Can you provide any other critical information I don’t have?  Please do!  I can’t do this without your help. Any suggestions at all about things you’d like to see? I’m all ears!

Do you see errors?  There will undoubtedly be some. Please alert me when you do.

And most importantly? Please help me get the word out. Pass this along to others, and especially the younger generations.  They may glance at it and not care to follow what I’m doing, but I’d hate to miss anyone simply because I didn’t try.

One final word… everyone can rest assured that I will not be publishing their personal documents/photos here without their explicit permission.  Anything that involves living persons will be vetted appropriately before posting.


  1. I “gifted” myself Ancestry for Xmas and found out I am more Scots, Wales, Irish and English than German!! Who would have guessed. I spent 82 years thinking I was predominately German. Glad for any info and keep up the good work1 Aunt Dee

  2. Sorry I’m so late, didn’t mean to forget what I was doing.
    Please include me.

    Love, Aunt Ginny

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