Obituary – Robert Evans (1899)

The following looks promising to be a valid obituary for one of my 3rd great-grandfathers. I have not yet found a valid source to trace this back to, but an image — perhaps a screen capture — was shared on by a user named Cherri_Ann. I have reached out to her for more information, but have not yet hear back. It can be viewed on the site at this location. Direct access to the image is provided below:

Obituary (Image) – Robert Evans (1899)

I have also attempted to transcribe the text in the image below:

BIO: Evans, Robert: Feb 17, 1899: p 4: c 3-4: Oakland
Very long bio. Died abt midnight on Feb. 10. One of oldest and most respected citizens. Born in County Tipperara, Ireland, Aug. 14, 1824. Almost 75 yrs. old, little more than 50 yrs in America. His family was not rich, but energetic and enterprising. When 2 yrs. old, family moved to county Gaulaway on west coast, and attended the schools there, while learning much of it on his own. Acted strictly to golden rule. At 24, moved from Ireland to Upper Canada, with his parents and nine brothers and sisters, setting up their station in the midst of a Canadian forest which they cleared off and brought into cultivation (100 acres). After 4 yrs, a home made for the old folks to be comfortable, he left, living at Sterling, Ill. for a year, where he was employed as a common laborer. Married Feb. 16, 1854 to Miss Jane Kelroy, an early playmate and schoolmate of Ireland. Ceremony performed in Old Cathedral, Boston by Rev. Father O’Brien. Next day, with wife, near his home in Canada, bought 100 acres of timbered land and cut them for 4 years a home for he and his fatuity. Sold his farm and came with his family of five children to Decatur, this county, making his home for better part of 2 yrs. Made homestead entry of the farm where he died and built a home there. Finished, he returned for his family at Decatur. House burned down, he built another where they lived until 1880, when a new home was built. His wife and six of seven children still live, whith four, Maggie Renard, Joseph J. Evans, Addie Evans and Robert A. Evans living near Oakland, and Mary Ann Mines at Emerson and Emma McKeegan in Omaha. The deceased child Hanna, was the wife of Michell Kelly of Bancroft and left, at her death, three children who, with their uncles and aunts above referred to, attended the funeral which took place Monday. Reared a Roman Catholic all his life, funeral services conducted under the ritual of that church at the late residence of the deceased, by Rev. Father Crowly of Bancoft on Monday. Body taken to Bancroft for burial in Catholic cemetery. (Feb. 24 issue, pg. 4, col. 2 has card of thanks from Mrs. Jayne Evans and family for death of “our beloved father and husband”.)

NameRobert Evans
Death10 Feb 1899
Death LocationOakland, Nebraska
Birth14 Aug 1824
Birth LocationCounty Tipperara, Ireland
Marriage Date16 Feb 1854
Marriage LocationBoston (?)
Residence YearAbt 1826
Residence LocationCounty Gaulaway
Residence YearAbt 1848
Residence LocationUpper Canada
Residence YearAbt 1852
Residence LocationSterling, Ill.
Residence YearAbt 1854-1858
Residence LocationCanada
Residence YearAbt 1858
Residence LocationDecatur
NameJane Kelroy
Marriage Date16 Feb 1854
Marriage LocationBoston (?)
Child's NameMaggie
NoteAssume married into family Renard
Residence Year10 Feb 1899
Residence LocationOakland, Nebraska
Child's NameJoseph J.
Residence Year10 Feb 1899
Residence LocationOakland, Nebraska
Child's NameAddie
Residence Year10 Feb 1899
Residence LocationOakland, Nebraska
Child's NameRobert A
Residence Year10 Feb 1899
Residence LocationOakland, Nebraska
Child's NameMary Ann
NoteAssume married into family Mines
Residence Year10 Feb 1899
Residence LocationEmerson
Child's NameEmma
NoteAssume married into family McKeegan
Residence Year10 Feb 1899
Residence LocationOmaha

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